My name is AR414 I'm a 26 year old Full Stack Engineer based in China ☀️. I describe myself as a passionate developer who loves coding, open source, and the web platform ❤️.

Aside from my job, I like to create and contribute to open source projects. That helps me to learn a ton of new stuff, grow as a developer and support other open source projects. Also I enjoy writing technical things ✍️ at my blog.

In my free time you can find me gym 🏋️




July 2019Now

Full Stack Engineer

March 2020Now

As a Full Stack Engineer, one of my main tasks was to mentor coworkers of my team, I am familiar with front-end and back-end development and often connect to different external data Unify the output data specification inside and outside the company

Back End Engineer

July 2019February 2020

As a Back End Engineer I contributed to the development and release of the native PandaScore League of legends Esports Data. I worked on automating the process of shipping our data to the platform using PHP and Python. Also I contributed to the maintenance of our data docs.


Front End Developer at Tencent

April 2016July 2019

As a Front-End Developer I mainly use PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the web activity development platform. I helped to improve the developer experience of the company by implementing tools to improve our software development process.


Computer Science And Technology at Shenzhen University

September 2012July 2016

A four years degree about building computer science and technology.

Self-taught at anywhere in the 🌍

January 2008Now

The things I learned by myself became the vast majority of what I know today. #AlwaysLearning